We are able to support companies on sales and marketing levels


Are you looking for extra partnership for your sales? Do you want to approach another market within The Netherlands or are you planning to start up exporting? We are able to assist you completely.
Our support can be settled for a short period, for example during a busy period or on a long term basis.


If desired we are capable to do all your sales activities. For example: account management, acquisition or participate on your behalf on exhibitions. Well-known international exhibitions where we can represent your company like Gulfood, Anuga and SIAL.


What does your customer expect from your product?
Partly we are using empathy marketing where we not only look into what the customer is telling, but also which emotion brings your product. This results in a better impression what the customer/consumer’s need is.


Creating a totally new product can result in new business within the retail or food service. We can help you to develop new food concepts for certain targets in an existing or new market and can organize a market or consumer research for you.


Before a new product can be launched a lot of work needs to be done : a brand, a color, packaging and perception.

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