About us

Gjalt Landman


I would like to discover new possibilities with managers and entrepreneurs. Some managers or entrepreneurs are so passionately busy that some opportunities will pass. When you are thinking out-of-the-box, surprisingly new interesting ways arise to expand your business. And when connecting these together you can reach your goal faster, better, easier and smoother.

My experience

Working as a Commercial Director for a meat producer, I was responsible for all kinds of management: change in management, sales, purchase, human resources, certification, re-organization, coaching staff members. I was and I am successful as I really like to work, coach, connect with people and can make the right decision when needed.


Besides management and sales, I have specialized myself in Halal products. In 2007 and in cooperation with “De Meiden van Halal” (known from TV) I started a successful project to create a Halal A-brand in the retail. This brand is still retainable in the retail.

Middle East

The Middle East offers tremendous opportunities to sell Halal products. Because of my experience which I obtained in these years, I know the “routing” to start doing business and to assist others to export to the Middle East.

GLX Consultancy

With GLX Consultancy I am combining my knowledge in the retail and food service market with my network. I will be able to offer my clients the total package; not only in The Netherlands but also abroad.

Do you want to know what I can do for you? Please let me know!